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Various organisations prior to the ABA Foundation has launched anti bully campaigns/awareness programs, which was a step in the right direction, but did not have the desired outcome due to the element of an abstract concept, which lacked a physical component.

Campaigns/awareness programs is self-explanatory, meaning it to be exactly what it implies, making people aware of bullying, but nothing else, now that we are aware of bullying, what are we going to do about it?

Furthermore the childcare industry lacked a body taking responsibility for developing, implementing and maintaining structures to protect and assist all children in our schools.

Therefore the ABA Foundation took the initiative to lay the foundation from where initiatives could be transformed into actions, a body taking charge and serves as a help centre with a pro-panel of Psychologists, Medical Dr's, Lawyers, Police, childcare workers etc. to assist and guide the public in terms of advice and assistance in fields of expertise mentioned above. The foundation will operate within its framework including financial limits and capabilities.

The function parallel with the help centre of the ABA foundation is, to provide safety, security and trust to the child and parent by implementing the bully buster system and program in our schools which address the bully's actions including relevant aspects and also address all aspects relevant to the victim within the framework of the bully buster program.

The intention of the ABA Foundation is to deliver and implement a specifically designed system and program to all schools in South Africa, free of charge, named the Bully Buster Program, and once implemented the ABA Foundation will maintain the program with the help and support of current and future role players in terms of expertise, ground level workforce, volunteers, sponsors, funding etc.


The bully buster program will require continuous development as we learn more form research and experience as we progress in order to maintain an efficient program and structure, specifically in the field of cyber bullying with new technology available on a daily base.

Therefore follow up training will be essential, starting with the developer cascading through all channels to the presenters of the program on school level, who will be the end user.

However the ABA Foundation will consist of a pro-panel once the foundation is in motion, we do not claim to be Mr know all, the foundation welcomes all assistance in all aspects to make the bully buster program a success, as bullying and abuse might be as close as next door to us, or even practiced in our own homes and effects most people with children still at school, but also can bullying affect us as adults in our workplace, on our roads, referring to road rage etc., etc.

The ABA Foundation will stand as a national body where people can turn to and feel safe, a structure where children and parent experience a tangible, physical system protecting our children, and working towards a safe school environment.

The ABA Foundation commits itself to the cause by starting off with the bully buster program for school children.

The ABA Foundation is currently in process of seeking funding for the infrastructure and implementation of the bully buster program on a national level.

A platform for networking and partnerships to ensue more active involvement from all sectors combating bullying and abuse.

ABA Foundation acknowledge all existing role players in the childcare sector and praise them for their achievments up to date.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ABA Foundation invite all roleplayers to serve on the national board of members  in order to participate in combating bulling and all forms of abuse by continious development and expanding of structures.

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The Logic of the program proved that a bully cannot stand-up to an ENTIRE SCHOOL.